What is Earthlink Wi-Fi? An Internet Service that will accompany you in more than 1000 place in all over Iraq and allow you to enjoy half an hour of Free Internet. You can use your home subscription or buy a Wi-Fi card after the end of the free period.   Where can I find the service? The service is available in public places: restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, beauty centers, sports centers, hotels, banks, etc. You can find your nearby Earthlink Wi-Fi zones using Earthlink Telecommunications.   How can I use Earthlink Wi-Fi? Earthlink Wi-Fi will surprise you popping up on the list of networks on your phone wherever you are! You will be able to use our network and enjoy free half-hour. Login via the page that will automatically appear. You can also use your home account by entering your username and password. You can find your username through the subscription information page (link) and should obtain the password from your agent.   Can I use my home subscription? Yes, you can use your home subscription outside your home by entering your username and password. The Internet will continue to work in your home as well. Choose Earthlink and take your subscription with you wherever you go!   Can I suggest new place for the service? Public places owners and their visitors can submit a proposal by sending the name of the site and a map showing their geographical location as well as a collection of photos to Earthlink via the e-mail Hotspot@earthlinktele.com.
Can I work with Earthlink? We will be glad to have you in our family. You can find suitable vacancies with Earthlink by searching on the Careers page (Link) LinkedIn, social networking sites (interactive icons with links)   How do I apply? You must read the terms of submission published in each job post, complete the attached form, and attach your CV. You can also apply directly by sending your resume to jobs@earthlinktele.com and allow us to choose the job that suits you. Can I contact Earthlink to inquire about careers and applying? Earthlink social media team is always waiting to communicate with you to listen to all your queries and provide clarifications.
How can I apply? A request must be delivered for Earthlink either by attending to the company or by e-mail reseller@earthlinktele.com. The request must include the location of the point on Google Earth in KML format, phone number, Name and email address.   What are the conditions? The location of the tower must be identified by doing a site visit to measure the distance between it and the other towers belonging to other agents in the same area, We will also consider the number of subscribers in the nearby towers that belong to Earthlink. After the completion of all legal procedures between the agent and the company, the tower will be activated.
Home Internet You can have your own internet subscription by signing up with your nearest Earthlink agents and enjoying the most stable internet service in Iraq. Internet at your workplace You can’t complete your work without relying on the Internet! Use our special offers to complete all the difficult tasks. Get an offer that suits you by e-mailing us at sales@earthlinktele.com
1 – Make sure that the nanostation (external receiver) is connected to the electricity through the power injector and that the lights are working. Make sure that the wires are connected properly (the supplied cord + the wire connecting to the nanostation). The connection shall be fine by connecting the electricity to the circuit and connecting the cable from the nanostation to the POE slot and the second cable from the LAN slot. The supplied Internet cable is connected to the computer or to the router according to the user’s connection method.
  1. If you are using the router, please make sure to connect the wire from the LAN jack to the router and place it in the main slot which is separate from the other ports distributed in the router. This way you have checked the system. If the steps are implemented and the Internet is still weak, please place the router in an open space and a suitable location so that it can distribute the service and cover the area correctly. Avoid placing it in a closed place because it will cause a weak signal in the router and reduces the strength of the internet.
  1. If the connection is contrary to what has been explained above, it will cause a problem in your service and a problem for the service provider. Please check the external receiving device and check the lights distributed behind the nano and make sure they are fully operational (green, yellow, red, orange, etc.) This means that you are connected to the service provider, and vice versa means that you have trouble contacting your service provider.
  2. If you have checked the entire system and are still suffering from poor service, please contact your dealer.
How do I put the subscription details in the router and the nano station (external receiver) 1 – Routers are accessed by connecting the wire to any of the Internet-connected slots (converged nozzles) or without the use of wires via a computer or mobile device by searching for the IP in the browser search box. the IP will most often be Or or else if you change it. You must now enter your username and password to access the router (username and password may be admin) and click on the Network option. A panel that contains the Username and Password fields will appear. Click Save to save your changes.   2- If you want to change the network password, enter the router settings page by typing the IP addresses in the Internet browser and logging in. Go to the Wireless option and select Wireless Security. Go to the bottom of the page to the PSK Password field. Set the new password and save the changes. You will see a Click here button . Click on it and you will receive a page that asks you to restart the router. Press Reboot.   3 – If you want to you subscription details in the nanostation, enter the settings of the nano by putting the IP in the browser provided. Use the Same IP in the nano, Just change the last number.   4 – How to put the IP in the calculator: Go to the network icon on the desktop and right click and select the properties will appear in the window choose from the change adapter setting and then click to select local area connection and right click to select properties will appear You will see a window in the Internet protocol version 4. A second window will appear. Choose the second option to change the IP address. Then place the IP addresses in the IP address field, and then go to the field below the IP address field. Once you click on the field, the IP will appear then click OK to save the changes, and then place the nano chips in your browser to access the nanostation.   5 – Click on the Network selection and click on the corresponding field to choose network mode, choose Router and then click on choose pppoe to put the username and password in the fields assigned to it. There are several options below, put the ( √) on the NAT option and on the DHCP server, then put the primary and final mode and press Change. You can now click on Apply and enter the router to change the settings by going to the network and changing the way to connect to dynamic IP and then choosing to save the changes. You can now connect the supplied wire to one of the converged ports.   I’m having trouble communicating with friends in online games on the PlayStation or Xbox Check the device and correct the connection method: From the Home page go to Settings and click on the Network button to make sure that there is a check mark (√) on the Connect to the Internet selection and then select Setup Internet Connection, then Use Wi-Fi if you have wireless router connection or choose to use the network cable if the use is directly from the nano, then select the custom, choose the network name. You will see the IP address setting page. Select Automatic. The DHCP Host Name page will appear. also select the first option “do not specify”, then the DNS Setting page will appear, choose Automatic. Then the Settings page (MTU SETTING) appears, choose automatic if the use is Wireless via the router. If it is via the annotation, choose a manual mode and type in the main DNS field, then Proxy Server will appear, choose do not use. please pay attention to internet access test if the result is successful, or if the result fails, which means that you have a problem with the PIN or problem on the Internet.   We prefer a direct link from the nano or from the router to give high quality, avoid cuts and work better than the wireless connection. If you still have any problem then you can explain it to us via E-mail: onlinegamesproblems@earthlinktele.com Please note that your messages should contain your username and the name of the tower.