Earthlink WiFi

EarthLink Wi-Fi Service

Free Wi-Fi is available at more than 1600 locations including cafes, restaurants, markets, institutions and other public places.

How to connect for unlimited period?

  • Ensure from the Reseller (the owner of the tower) that your account is EarthLink, and ask him to provide you with your username & password.
  • Open the following link on your browser.
  • Click on the EarthLink subscriber.

Enter your username & password and enjoy a fast and free Internet connection.

How to connect for half an hour free?

  • Search and click on the Earthlink WiFi network.
  • Open the following link on your browser.
  • Choose a free half hour and enjoy the fast and free internet connection.

Get Earthlink Wi-Fi Cards:

Subscribers of other competitors can purchase the Earthlink Wi-Fi recharge cards with the following categories (one day: 500 dinars, one week: 3,500 dinars or one month: 10,000 dinars) from the same site where the service is available.

To find out where the service where nearby you, download the “Earthlink Telecommunications” mobile application from your store as the following: