Earthlink WiFi

Earthlink WiFi Serivice

EarthLink is proud to provide «Earthlink Wi-Fi» – the free hotspot service for Earthlink users in more than 1000 public places, such as restaurants, cafes, campuses, and other institutions.

We enable EarthLink users to access our free service simply by entering their EarthLink Account details on the login page. Non-Earthlink users can use the service for up to half an hour or they can buy Free EarthLink Wi-Fi scratch cards from the same site that provides the service, and they can use these cards wherever the service is available.

For restaurant and cafe owners, EarthLink is happy to provide you with Wi-Fi equipment, free maintenance, and free internet connection. It is easy to notice that young customers prefer to sit and spend time in places with Free Wi-Fi, and EarthLink will help you provide this.


  • EarthLink provide business owners with equipment for free.
  • Free Support, maintenance, and Internet connection.
  • Free delivery of Hotspot scratch cards.
  • Hotspot internet quality is not affected by the number of connected users.
  • EarthLink users can use the service for free for an unlimited time.
  • Other users can use the service for free for 30 minutes.
  • Users can use hotspot scratch cards in any place that provides the service.