WAN service is the perfect solution to connect your business branches in a private network that you can secure and pay less than using traditional Internet connection.

WAN Service provides you with total privacy, excellent performance to manage your network. It enables secure connection around Iraq and the world.

WAN service is the best way to ensure high-performance network which is managed by EarthLink technical team that provides 24/7 support to provide the service in him highest levels. The service provides high bandwidth connection for reasonable price comparing to the other types of connections.

It’s the ideal solution for businesses that want to improve the performance and ensure reliable low latency connection between the branches and the headquarter.

The service comes with an online portal which enables you to have real time insight on the network performance via graphical representation to ensure the performance and the utilization reports.


Other features:

  • We can supply you with the hardware and help in future maintenance and replace the faulty one on your request
  • Proactive monitoring and support 24/7
  • Ensure privacy and security, by helping you in encrypting the traffic from your ends.
  • MPLS solutions with ends out side Iraq
  • Flexibility in selecting the right bandwidth for your connection
  • On site support for the critical sites.
  • Incident management and reporting