Where to place your router?

Wi-Fi waves are radio waves. similar to those picked up by your phone or radio but are shorter and only 12.5 centimeters long. You can compare it to radio waves that are 100 cm length. The signal weakens as it moves away from the router and it can not reach a distance of more than 54 meter.

Therefore, place the router in the middle of your house because it broadcast signals evenly in all directions. The walls repel and absorb the signal so make sure to place it in an open place. Do not place it on the floor or on metal surfaces and choose wood surfaces because the signal can pass through wood easier. Although antennas can be re-positioned on most routers, the best chance to cover a wider area is to position the antenna vertically.

Your router signal could be affected by many other electronic devices such as TV, computer, microwave and anything that has an engine inside it, so place the router away from the electronics.And if your computer has two antennas, you can put one in vertically and put the other in horizontal.

The Internet works better when the internal antenna in your device is parallel to the router so most of the antennas in computers are horizontal in personal computers. but if you use your phone or tablet it depends on the way you’re carrying the device. If you have a vertical antenna and horizontal antenna you will have a higher chance of getting On a better network.