Sending location in KML format:

Starting a new point from Earthlink requires you submit a request that contains the tower suggested a geographic location in KML format so that our technical staff can know and study the location. And in order to get the location in KML format, you must use Google Maps.

After logging in Google using your Gmail account, you can jump to Google Maps and click on the box near the search area “search Google Maps”. After that go ahead and click on “Your places”. On the new menu click on “ Maps” then choose “Create New” on the bottom of the menu. The site will take you to another page. Now, search for the tower location and locate it. You may use the “add marker” option that you will find on the upper part of the page, name the point and save it.

Now, you can save the map in KML format by clicking on the three dots on the front of the map’s name and choosing “Export to KML”. Put a Tick mark in front of “Export to a.KML file (for full icon support, use .KMZ).” and Download. Then attach the downloaded file with your request.