How Does Wi-Fi Work?

If you’re standing on a pier watching waves come in. You can count how many seconds between each wave crest. this would be the frequency of the waves. So if the time between each crest was 1 second that would be meant the wave frequency was 1 hertz or one cycle per second.

Comparing sea waves to Wi-Fi waves, Wi-Fi waves are moving at 2.4 GHz. And to receive the information found in these waves, your radio receiver needs to be set to receive waves of a certain frequency. Wi-Fi word means Wireless LAN and is similar to other wireless devices such as radio and mobile phones. It’s available in homes, businesses and public places, such as Earthlink Wi-Fi.

Devices can connect to the internet using the Earthlink Wi-Fi Network which is available in more than 1,100 public places. It is an open network that allows you to access the internet for free, if you have a home subscription from Earthlink, or buy a pre-payment card. The network coverage may be limited if it’s in a closed place because the walls block the waves and prevent them from spreading outside.And it may be wider if the network is in an open space.