You may be one of the millions of people who prefer to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi signals and without the use of wires, but the wire benefits may force you to rethink your decision and use the wire to obtain its benefits.

There is no doubt that one of the main drawbacks of Internet connection over wires is restricting your use of the Internet in a particular place where the wire is connected and prevents you from moving. The extension of wiring in your home or workplace that stretch all around the house may not be the perfect option for you and your office or home decoration. It may also be expensive. Therefore, most people prefer wireless internet networks because they will have greater freedom on connecting to the Internet in a wide range. It is also easy and convenient to use in the home and office to avoid chaos due to multiple wires. However, it’s low speed compared with the wired network that is known for stability and powerful network may take the wireless to the second place, as well as being more secure than wireless networks.