Sharikat Internet Service

Welcome to Sharikat Service

Why Sharikat

We at Earthlink, have been working to understand the needs of businesses and enterprises, so, we can serve our customers in a better way. Sharikat has been designed to fit your needs.

Sharikat provide you with :

Speed Internet connection; the Package comes with five subscriptions type:
Monthly Reseller fees will be added to the cost: 20$

Sharikat Service provide

A fast international connection bandwidth allows you use the applications of administrating and surveillance of business with high efficiency and stability.

We offer Sharikat to:

Customers of businesses, enterprises, and institutions, directly without having to pass through reseller stage, so, the customer can set his account anytime by the easy and simple user interface, besides other communications channels, such as email, phone number, and technical support.

Sharikat support team :

Available 24/7, with multiple communications channel, like phone calls, emails, and social media accounts, not to mention our sales centers which spread all over the country.